About This Blog

I started this blog as rallying point for men and boys who want to think critically about pornography. I will focus on mainstream, hardcore, straight, “gonzo” style pornography, which is the overwhelming majority of pornography that is produced and consumed on the Internet.

There are dozens of other important porn-related issues and genres to address – gay porn, “alternative” porn, feature adult films, child pornography, every related women’s issue (violence against women, rape, prostitution), every related men’s issue (isolation, war and violence, male domination)…I look forward to joining the network of other people who are taking on these crucial issues.

The growth in production and consumption of “gonzo” porn in the last twenty years, (a period some have called the “wild west of the internet”) has been astounding to the point that pornography researchers looking for “test” groups of men are unable to find them. Yes, you read that right – they cannot find men who are not watching porn regularly. Most boys in the U.S. begin watching porn as young teens, with girls being exposed just a few years later. My links page is chock full of research and data on this, please feel free to peruse it.

Is pornography harmless entertainment? Is it addicting? Does it add to our lives as sexual beings? How does watching porn influence our desires in life, our attitudes about sex, our relationships with women? These are the questions I hope to investigate.

My goal in summary: to explore our authentic humanity and sexuality as men, to enjoy life and love and work and sex as much as they can be enjoyed – and to decide whether or not pornography helps us in that pursuit.

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