Here are some of my preliminary thoughts on what we as men and we as a society can to do fight (and hopefully end one day) the destructive effect of pornography on our lives. It is a work in progress, my best thoughts at this time based on the research and thinking I have done. It’s just a rough outline, I hope to elaborate on my thoughts soon. Many of these strategies and subjects are addressed (and have been tried) in the articles on the “links” page. I am very interested to hear your thoughts and comments (either in the reply field or at

  1. A Social Movement

Men taking on porn addiction

  • Confronting the physiological element of porn addiction
  • Confronting the emotional element of porn addiction
  • Giving up pornography
  • Taking other men on around their addictions to pornography
  • Addressing the question “is sex addiction real?”
  • Starting a public conversation about the relationship between pornography and prostitution

Women taking on living in a pornographied society (sexism, male domination)

  • Marches, teach-ins and events educating about pornography’s impact on women and girls

Parents, teachers and all adults taking on children’s exposure to pornography

  • Organizing a public outcry

Confronting the porn industry

  • Building a social movement to oppose the rampant exposure of violent sexual material to most men in the developed world
  • Create an alternative culture to our mainstream pornographied culture *which is what I’m attempting to participate in with this blog*

Publicizing the links between porn, prostitution and trafficking

  1. A Political Movement

Regulating Internet porn

  • Could we establish and ISP opt-in system?
  • Should we peruse something like the .xxx top-level domain name?
  • Lobbying and informing legislators (counter the free speech coalition)
  • Publicizing transparency of porn profits for multinational “family businesses”
  1. An Academic Movement
  • Doing studies, publishing papers
  • Conferences
  1. A Public Health Movement

Real resources for

  • Men and boys who are addicted to pornography
  • women and girls who are involved in pornography/the sex industry in any way (including women who have relationships with addicted men)

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